We are self-taught artists with no formal art education. For 19 years we have shared a passion for the arts. In 1998 we decided to let creativity take over our lives and began making art; experimenting first with fused glass, stained glass techniques and forged copper. 16 years ago, inspired by the beauty that resides in simplicity, we created this line of vases.

The design has clean lines and it includes 9 styles. We chose dark-bronze-colored-aluminum and beveled glass for being neutral and non-distracting.

The depth of the vase “body” measures 7/8″ so it anchors the design in place thus, not only flowers and stems but a myriad of other objects can be displayed with ease and without compromising the sleek appearance, as they are made watertight with our patented, removable perspex insert which protects them from tarnishing, lends them versatility and allows for easy cleaning.

With our vases any person can create inexpensive, but high-impact arrangements that showcase art and beauty in their most simple and striking form.